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April 26-May 1, 2016




Smart Office Solution

>Lighting Control
The brightness can be detected by the brightness sensor, and dimmed as the change of natural lighting. When the natural lighting is enough, the lights are OFF; while the natural lighting is not enough, the lights are ON.
>Temperature Control
By phone, tablet, smart touch panel, the indoor temperature can be adjusted to provide users with the most comfortable environment.
>Curtain Control
The shutter & blinds can be adjusted as the change of the sunlight and scene setting. In this case, we fully use of the sunlight and save more energy.
>Background Music
Users can easily control the music devices and play music with the mobile phone, or pad or intelligent touch panel, etc.
Scene Control
People can set different scene modes through the touch panel or intelligent push button, such as: admission mode, departure mode, Meeting mode, reporting mode, entertainment scene, gathering mode, cleaning mode. As long as they touch the touch panel, they can easily switch between the various scenes.

>Conference System Control
Intelligent push buttons combined with infrared emission equipment, will intelligently control conference systems, projectors, background music, lighting and curtains, to achieve conferencing system on / off, background music on / off, the projector up / down / stop, curtains on/off as well as scenes switching and other controls







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