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Smart Home Solution

Smart Home Solution

>Video Door Phone
The house owners can watch and video-talk with the visitors via Video Door Phone, to conform the visitors' information, reduce bother and ensure the safety.
>Access Control
Multiple entering ways, such as fingerprint, proximity card, password, mobile phone, etc.; preventing unauthorized access to the house, to protect residential security; with identification recognition; sending notice to parents if the children enter home.
Scene Control
 Two scene options:" PARTY" or "DINNER".  By the integrated control of lighting, curtain and background music, the dining room is under a pleasant atmosphere, and people enjoy with the dinner and music.
>Lighting Control
Users can set different scenes according to the various requirements (such as: welcome mode, parlour mode, theatre mode, All-ON mode, All OFF mode), and accordingly the lights will automatically be turned on / off, and the brightness can be adjusted, too.
>Shutter & Blind Control
The shutter & blinds can be adjusted as the change of the sunlight and scene setting. In this case, we fully use of the sunlight and save more energy.
>House Appliances, AV Devices Control
Users can combine infra-red modules with intelligent push button, to control TV, air conditioning, audio-visual equipment, and a key can open the video mode.
>Temperature Regulation
The bedroom will be kept in most comfortable temperature by temperature regulation with mobile phone, pad, etc.
>Fresh Air Control
With the carbon dioxide detector, it detects the indoor carbon dioxide concentrations, which exceeding, it automatically enables the fresh control to keep indoor air fresh.
>Background Music
Users can easily control the music devices and play music with the mobile phone, or pad or intelligent touch panel, etc.
HD cameras provide you with a full range of security 24 hours preserve and defend; you can view the monitor screen at home via mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
>Motion Detection
With existing sensor, if it detects someone is using the bathroom, the system will automatically turns on the lights and exhaust fan; when nobody here, it will automatic delay close lights, and exhaust fan.
> Security Monitoring
Once the combustible gas detector detects a gas leak, or the water leak sensor detects leak, the system will enable alarm linkage and cut off the gas immediately, turn off the water valve to prevent the situation becoming worse, so as to provide security for our houses.
> Mobile Terminal Control
People can control scenes switching and other devices with Android/iOS Smart Phone or Pad, even when sleeping in bed.








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